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The employed according to LFS

The employed include all persons aged 15 and more who during the reference week:

-performed for at least one hour any work generating pay or income, i.e. were employed as employees, worked on their own (or leased) agricultural farm, or conducted their own economic activity outside agriculture, assisted (without pay) in work on family agricultural farm or in conducting family economic activity outside agriculture,

- had work but did not perform it:

- due to sickness, maternity leave, parental leave or


- due to other reasons, but the break in employment:

- did not exceed 3 months,

- exceeded 3 months, but these persons worked as employees and during that period received at least 50% of the hitherto remuneration (since the first quarter of 2006).

In accordance with the international standards, the employed also include apprentices who entered into occupational training or occupational preparation contract with a private or public employer if they received remuneration. Due to the methodological assumptions, the number of the

employed obtained from the LFS does not comprise some categories of persons, who are considered as employed in the establishment survey, i.a.:

- employees living in lodging houses for workers,

- employees working abroad for their Polish employers.

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