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Gmina’s spatial development conditions and directions study

Gmina’s spatial development conditions and directions study is rendered for the area within gmina’s borders. Findings of the study are binding for gmina’s administrative organs with respect to local plans. The study is not local ordinance. It comprises conditions resulting, in particular, from:

1) the land use up to now, land development and its utility infrastructure;

2) status of spatial order and protection requirements thereof;

3) state of the environment, including the state of agricultural and forest production area, the volume and quality of water resources, environmental protection and cultural landscape requirements;

4) state of cultural heritage and monuments as well as of modern cultural goods;

5) living conditions and quality of life of inhabitants, including their health care;

6) threats to safety of population and its property;

7) gmina needs and development opportunities;

8) land legal status;

9) occurrence of buildings and areas under protection on the basis of separate regulations;

10) occurrence of areas of natural geological risks

11) occurrence of documented deposits of minerals, underground water resources and documented underground carbon dioxide repository;

12) occurrence of mining areas delineated on the basis of separate regulations;

13) state of technical infrastructure and transport systems including water and wastewater management, energy management and waste management;

14) tasks surpassing local public purposes;

15) flood protection requirements.

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