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EU-SILC (EU- Statistics on Income and Living Conditions)

EU-Statistics on Income and Living Conditions is a tool aimed at providing timely and comparable at the level of Member States data on income, poverty, social exclusion, living condition and health assessment. It is a constant survey (conducted every year) whose subject are households and persons aged 16 and more in households. The survey is a panel study, i.e. selected group of respondents is subject to several rounds of “observation” at intervals, so that it allows to observe and analyse the changing situation, attitudes, behaviour or opinions of a surveyed group. Survey is conducted by face-to-face interview technique using 2 questionnaires; one of which is used to obtain data on households, and the second to obtain data on individuals. The purpose of EU-SILC survey is to obtain information which allows the assessment of living conditions of Polish society and allows to compare them to the living conditions in other countries of the European Union. This is achieved by adoption of a uniform methodology by Eurostat. Organization and methodology of the survey are regulated by the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council no 1177/2003 on income and living conditions statistics. EU-SILC was implemented in the European Union in years 2004-2007. At current requests of European Union authorities, module surveys devoted to selected issue are also conducted within EU-SILC survey (that is an additional questionnaire proceeded together with the basic survey). Central Statistical Office of Poland implemented EU-SILC survey in 2005.

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