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Internal migration

Changes of place of residence (permanent or temporary) within the territory of Poland, related to crossing the administrative border of a gmina, including, in the case of urban-rural gminas, changes of place of residence within a gmina, i.e. from rural to urban areas and vice versa.

In internal migration, the following types are distinguished:

- intervoivodship - all population's movements from one voivodship to another;

- intravoivodship - all population's movements are within the same voivodship;

- interpowiat - all population's movements from one powiat to another;

- intrapowiat - all population's movements are within the same powiat.

With respect to the nature of stay, the following types of migration are distinguished:

- migration for permanent residence (involving registration for permanent stay)

- migration for temporary stay (lasting more than 3 months; for data up to 2005 – for more than 2 months).

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