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Methods of data presentation in 2030 Agenda moduledownload:
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Choosing 2030 Agenda Module or selecting the SDG Indicators for Poland from the top menu in the Modules tab a user obtains a view of full list of SDG indicators, in the left side menu.

To narrow down the displayed list to original indicators from the UN list which are available for Poland user need to click item Available SDG indicators. Access alternative indicators (i.e. those that are similar to those from the UN list, proposed when the original indicator is not available) user obtains by the item Proxy indicators, visible in the top menu in the Modules tab. Choosing the N/A indicators in this tab will display indicators from a global list for which data for Poland are currently unavailable.

After choosing the set of indicators and the given indicator (from the left side menu), user is moved to the new view, with three tabs: Poland, Comparison of 2030 Agenda indicators and Indicator profile.

Tab Poland presents a Table with indicator selected from the menu of 2030 Agenda Module, with data for Poland (since 2010, when possible). User can’t make changes to the structure of the generated table.

Tab Comparison of 2030 Agenda indicators - presents data in the table for several selected 2030 Agenda indicators.

Additional indicators can be selected using the icon Icon magnifier situated above the table with indicator being selected in the previous step.

The icon Icon refresh the tables allows user to re-load closed arrays.

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