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Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistical Purposes (NTS)

An ordered list of names of territorial units and their associated territorial symbols occurring at different levels of territorial division of the country, used in the process of collecting statistical data, storage and processing of the collected data as well as announcement, dissemination and popularization of results of statistical surveys in territorial breakdowns.

The NTS classification is based on the three-tier division of the country into voivodships, powiats and gminas, on the basis of which two additional non-administrative levels were established i.e. regions and subregions.

Overall, the NTS classification divides Poland into hierarchically tied territorial units on 5 levels, of which 3 are defined as regional ones and 2 – as local ones.

Regional levels include:

  • Level 1: regions (grouping voivodships)
  • Level 2: voivodships
  • Level 3: subregions (grouping powiats)

Local levels include:

  • Level 4: powiats and cities with powiat status,
  • Level 5: gminas, of which urban gminas being cities with powiat status

The structure of groupings of NTS units, their symbols and script is based on a system of identifiers and names of units of territorial division of the country, which is part of the National Official Register of Territorial Division of the Country - TERYT.

The legal basis for introducing the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistical purposes (NTS) is Regulation (EC) No. 1059/2003 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 May 2003 on the establishment of a common classification of territorial units for statistics (NUTS) (OJ L 154 of 21.06.2003, page 1; OJ Special Polish edition, chapter 14, vol. 1, page 196, as amended). Specific regulations on the number and scope of established levels of units and the creation of their symbols are included in the Regulation of the Council of Ministers on the introduction of the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistical Purposes (NTS) (Journal of Laws of 2007 No. 214 item 1573, with later amendments).

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