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Registered unemployment

Registered unemployment concerns persons who are not employed or performing any other kind of paid work, available for full-time work (or in case of disabled persons — available for at least half of the full time work required for a given occupation or service), are not attending any full-time school with the exception of schools for adults or taking an extra-curriculum exam in such schools or tertiary schools in the evening or weekend education system, and are registered in the powiat labour office respective to the person’s permanent or temporary place of residence, seeking employment or any other paid work if they, among others:

- are aged 18 or more and have not reached the retirement age;

- did not acquire the right to retirement pay and other pension resulting from inability to work, pension due to training, social welfare pension or dependant’s pension exceeding half of the minimum wage, or after termination of employment or other paid work or a person who after completing employment, other gainful work, or after ceasing to carry out non-agricultural economic activity does not collect teachers’ compensation benefit, does not receive a pre-retirement benefit or allowance, rehabilitation allowance, sick benefit, maternity benefit or benefit equal to maternity benefit;

- are not owners or holders (sole or dependent) of agricultural real estate with an area of agricultural land exceeding 2 convertible ha; are not subject to retirement and pension insurance from full-time work due to being a spouse or a member of an agricultural household with an area of agricultural land exceeding 2 convertible ha;

- the person has not submitted an application for entry to the economic activity register or after its submission the person submitted application for suspension of the economic activity to the economic activity register an and the period of suspension has not yet expired; or the period to commence economic activity defined in the application for entry to the economic activity register has not yet lapsed;

- are not temporarily under arrest or serving a prison sentence except for a sentence of imprisonment served outside a penitentiary establishment under a system of electronic monitoring;

- do not receive monthly income exceeding half of the minimum wage, excluding income generated from interests or other monetary means gathered on bank accounts;

- do not receive, on the basis of the regulation concerning social welfare, a permanent social benefit;

- do not receive, on the basis of regulations concerning family allowances, a nursing allowance or allowance supplementary to family benefit due to single parenthood and loss of the rights to unemployment benefit because of the expiry of its legal duration;

- do not receive a training allowance after termination of employment.

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