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Household’s available income

Sum of household's current incomes from various sources reduced by prepayments on personal income tax made on behalf of a tax payer by tax-remitter (this is the case with income from hired work and social security benefits and other social benefits) by tax on income from property, taxes paid by self-employed persons, including those in independent professions and individual farmers and by social security and health insurance premiums. The available income covers both income in cash and in kind, including natural consumption (consumer goods and services taken to satisfy household's needs from self-employment – in and outside farming) as well as goods and services received free of charge.

The available income comprises:

- income from hired work,

- income from a private farm in agriculture,

- income from self-employment other than a private farm in agriculture, from independent profession,

- income from property,

- income from rental of a property or land,

- social insurance benefits,

- other social benefits,

- other income (including gifts and alimonies).

Available income is allocated to expenditures and savings increase.

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